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For a limited time, you can download the app and use it free of charge for 30 days. Try it out, put it through its paces and after 30 days you can choose to subscribe to the app on a monthly or yearly basis.

With a subscription, you also get free monthly updates as we continue to add more features. Take a look at the chart below for a summary of what you'll be able to do with the Teamer iPhone App.

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Team Member

$4.99 for 6 months
$5.99 for 12 months

Team Organiser

$8.99 for 6 months
$11.99 for 12 months
Access to all your Teampages
Never need to reply by SMS again
Update your availability with a couple of taps
Quickly scan all your upcoming events
View the lineup for any event
Update your Teamer profile
Call or email team members with a tap
Add members to your iPhone contacts
Get FREE new feature updates
Create a new Teampage
Take photos and add them to a Teampage
Add photos from your phone to a Teampage
View all your Teampage photos
View all message board posts
Create and send a new message board post
Add comments to a message board post.
Add members to your Teampage 
Edit member's information 
Move members between groups 
Create any type of event 
Notify your members of any event 
Track members future availability 
Send cancellation notices to your team 
Edit existing events 
Assign co-organisers for your Teampage 
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