I need more than 200 texts to notify team event’s each month, what can I do?

Additional texts can be purchased in bundles of 100, 500 and 1000 by clicking the text count on the notifications page. We’ve worked hard to ensure very competitive rates for those who need to buy texts.
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How much do text bundles cost?

It varies based on your location, you can find a price list here.
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Can you explain the text counter above my event lineup?

The counter just above your lineup tells you how many free event notification texts your team has remaining this month. It updates dynamically as you add members to your lineup.
If your own user account has texts, this will be reflected beneath your team's remaining texts at all times. All member's who create a team, get 25 free texts to use on messageboard posts or event notifications.
If your team has less than 20 free texts remaining for the month, the indicator turns red. At that point, if a team member has made a text bundle available to the team, this will also be shown in the counter. Back to top

Does this effect event cancellations as well?

No, we realise that it’s very important that all members receive emails, texts and mobile app push notifications anytime there is an event cancelled. Teamer will continue to send event cancellations over text, email and push notification without it impacting your monthly text allocation.
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Can I choose when and to whom I send texts?

Yes, we’ve changed the notification page to enable you select whether or not you want to send a text to a specific member. As before if a member has an email address on their account, they automatically get an email notification for each event, that is free and has no impact on the monthly text allocation.
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I usually only send texts, how do email notifications work?

If you add an email address for a member, they receive an email notification to their inbox. The email links directly to their event notification and after the member’s first visit to Teamer, they don’t have to sign in to leave their availability. Once registered, leaving availability over email takes two clicks.
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Does this effect mobile app notifications at all?

No, you can still send notifications to mobile apps free of charge, without impacting your 200 text allocation.
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If I add a member to my team and send them an invite text, will it count against my monthly allocation?

No, the cap only impacts event notification text messages.
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If I have bought additional texts, can co-organisers on my team use them to notify events?

Yes, now when you buy a text bundle, you’ll be asked if you would like to allow co-organisers on your teams to use your texts. You can choose which teams can and can’t use your text bundle.
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Do unused free event notification texts roll over each month?

No, each team begins the new month with an allocation of 200 free team texts.
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When will my free team text messages replenish?

On the first of every month, each team will receive another 200 free texts.
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